Happy Customers in Miami


Happy Customers in Miami

Happy Customers in Miami

FG Car Services is a 5-Star rated car service company in Miami that offers all ground transportation needs within Miami. We offer transportation to and from various locations including but not limited to: airports, ports, hotels and tours throughout the city. With our enormous fleet of limos, vans, mini buses and motor-coaches we provide you with various spacious options for travel. We are the number one choice for most passengers due to our excellent performance and  dedication to your safety. During the Covid-19 crisis, the health and safety of our staff and passengers is our top priority and we are working diligently to help prevent the spread of the disease. In prioritizing safety on the roads, we have taken various measures towards the same goal of a Covid-19 free city, to ensure all our customers’ needs are met while maintaining  health protocols.

  1. Maintain safe social distance in the shuttles.

Our fleets of limos, vans, minibuses and motor-coaches have ample space and room than taxis for passengers and luggage. This comes at no extra cost to the customer. Kindly consider the regulations on safe distancing. Our shuttles will get you to any destination throughout Miami including;

  • Miami Airport.
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport.
  • West Palm Beach Airport.
  • Port of Miami.
  • Port Everglades.

You can thus hire as many vans or minibuses for yourself and your loved ones. Just avoid congestion as it’s a policy we highly promote. At least having four of you in one van is okay. 

  1. Hand sanitizers and disinfecting services.

We can guarantee that our drivers are healthy, safe, and free of the COVID-19 virus. As an extra precaution, all our front-line employees are supplied with hand sanitizers and wipes to use throughout the day. While traveling with us, you do not need to worry about the driver assigned to you. In addition, as a standard practice, we clean and sanitize all of our vehicles every night. Extra caution is added to the already stringent regimen by disinfecting. You do not need to worry about your child because FG Car Services has added new standards for vehicles as well as child booster seat disinfection on a daily basis.

  1. Remember your safety belt and wear masks after alighting.

Car safety measures require you to always have your safety belt on. All our car seats are fitted with clean, properly adjustable, and comfortable seat belts. We encourage you to put them on. While we can guarantee that our drivers will always get you safely to your destination, we cannot promise that the next driver on the road is as good or responsible. Avoid situations where you may end up injured due to unavoidable accidents. Please do not insist on always sitting without one. Do not forget that the challenges you may face with the COVID issue begin when you depart from the van. You will likely face a scenario where the streets are full of people and even find non-masked protesters. While you may not have the mask with you inside the van, you definitely need to put one on once you exit our vehicles. 


Miami is a wonderful tourist destination. Our world class transportation services offer extensive options in South Florida. We will drive you safely to any location in the city. Regardless of your origin and destination, we provide the link to get you there. Please maintain safety procedures and sensible behavior on our roads.We know you are a responsible global citizen, and we value you for that. Please keep safe at all times and remember, we can only survive in this pandemic era if we all practice common-sense road safety measures. We urge you to also practice health safety measures for you and your family while on the roads.  


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